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"I have been meditating with Leanne for more than a year now.  Leanne’s approach to meditation is gentle, professional, comprehensive and compassionate.  Leanne gently encourages the client into the present moment while also providing information around the science of mindfulness meditation and how it benefits the mind and body.  I now feel more embodied and  securely connected to the wisdom my body possesses.  I highly recommend this practitioner for both the less experienced and the more seasoned meditator alike."

- K.M., Victoria, BC

"I want to thank you so much for your teachings.  They have had a profoundly positive impact on my life."

- S.C., Victoria, BC, Participant, Introduction to Meditation Six Week Course (Fall 2022) & weekly group meditation circle

"Thank you so much for your gift of meditation.  I have felt nourished and supported by you through this experience."

- C.G., Participant, weekly group meditation circle

"Leanne is a wonderful teacher and guide in meditation and mindfulness.  I loved her 'start where you are' approach to both the presentation of material and to the practices of meditation itself.  She is both generous with her sharing of knowledge and gentle with her invitations to connect inwardly.  I was familiar with many of the ideas Leanne touched on but I found her weaving together of those strands to be fresh and beautifully lucid.  Anyone, at any level, could benefit from Leanne's classes."

- Participant, Introduction to Meditation Six Week Course - Winter 2023

"I have been meditating with Leanne every week for almost a year. In addition to guiding us through breath work, she explains the science behind what we're doing, which I find really interesting and helps me really engage each session because I understand why and what we're doing. She takes our feedback to tailor the sessions based on our goals and how we're feeling that day. She is kind and compassionate, her voice gentle and lovely as she guides us, and I am so grateful to have worked with her!"

- L.G., Victoria, BC

"I have benefitted from weekly sessions with Leanne through my workplace for the past six months. I really appreciate Leanne's flexible approach, inviting each of us in to share what we need in any given session. The techniques she uses are accessible, so much so that I have quite naturally been able to draw on them myself particularly during stressful periods or when having difficulty sleeping.  I highly recommend Leanne!"

- A.Z., Victoria, BC

"Leanne helped me learn mindfulness skills that I will use indefinitely.  She connected lines and understanding for me with meditation that I didn't know I needed.  I appreciate her kind and calming spirit!"

- M.F., Victoria, BC

"Leanne's compassionate and knowledgeable approach has been instrumental in me being able to establish a daily meditation practice."

- Participant, Introduction to Meditation Six Week Course (Winter 2023)

"I found the meditation course to be extremely helpful.  The material was helpful and I really liked Leanne as a meditation instructor.  She provided an accessible, interesting introduction to meditation.  Many of the exercises we practiced were new to me and were grounding, soothing, and comforting.  I am going through a difficult time in my life and this course acted like an anchor to keep me grounded and connected to my breath and being present in the world"

- Participant, Introduction to Meditation Six Week Course (Winter 2023)

"I recently completed an approximately 12 week coaching session with Leanne Hewlin.  I was very impressed with her attention to detail in preparing practices for me, her follow up and her ability to meet and move me through some strong resistance that was getting in my way.  We achieved my desired end results and, together, we created a great tool kit of practices to draw on when I need to keep focused or when I recognize I need a time out.  She is a very calm and insightful coach to work with.  I highly recommend her."

- K.S., Victoria, BC (life coaching client)

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